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How to organise a stress free hen party

So you’ve been asked to by your best friend to be her Maid of Honor and you are now faced with the task of organizing the hen weekend!

What to do to avoid the pitfalls so you don’t end up staring in your own Bridesmaids movie.

1. Take control – we don’t mean being bossy but if you don’t tackle this with an organized head on your shoulders it will take over your life!

2. Probably the most important thing to do is establish the budget for the weekend as a whole. Not everyone will be in the same financial position and you don’t want people feeling uncomfortable because they are being asked to pay for things outside of their budget.

3. Set the date as soon as possible.

4. Set timescales for anything you do. So if you send out an email to all your hens with a suggestion for a restaurant or spa treatment, make sure you ask everyone to respond within a set time, otherwise you will be chasing people forever. If they don’t respond, they don’t get a vote. Remember they are benefiting from you becoming a part time events co-coordinator and travel consultant in your spare time. All they have to do is pay and turn up!

5. Decide what’s the most important focus of your weekend. If the bride to be and all her hens are mad fitness fanatics or sports fans, then sporting activities may dominate the weekend and accommodation and food may take a back seat. However, if your bride to be is a real foodie then your main focus needs to be on the food and drink.

6. Not everyone is going to want the same experience from the weekend. You could have some young mums in your group, their idea of a great weekend is a lie in, and they don’t want to get up at 7am to go white water rafting. You may also have some pregnant ladies in your group, so a night out on the town with free flowing prosecco isn’t necessarily going to be much fun for them.

7. You need to get to know your group. You might not know some of the hens, some might be old school friends, university friends, friends from work, in-laws etc. So if you don’t know everyone you need to find out a few facts about each one. We don’t mean their life history, but there is no point booking the Hawksmore steak restaurant if half of your hens are vegans! Likewise you may need to know important things like allergies, does someone need hypo-allergenic duvets and pillows on their bed,

Now you’ve done the groundwork it’s on to stage two, planning the event!

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