How to Plan the Ultimate Hen Party

The hen party is one of the most anticipated aspects of the entire wedding journey. Getting together with the girls for a weekend of drinks, dancing and activities has become a rite of passage for every bride-to-be. Whether you’re planning a a city break in the UK with all the frills or desire something a bit more low key like a quiet countryside escape, our handy guide will show you how to plan the ultimate hen party in just five steps!

Plan the ultimate hen party in just 5 steps with

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Plan the Ultimate Hen Party in 5 Steps

  1. Set the Guest List

    You’ll need to know the numbers of how many people will be attending the hen party in advance. Knowing the numbers will assist with the planning and be useful for securing the best deals and rates.

  2. Be Budget Friendly

    Remember when you’re trying to please a big group of girls, everyone is likely to have a different budget. Keep the costs to a minimum — the most important part of the party is who you’re with and not necessarily what you do!

  3. Pick the Date

    Big blowout on the eve of the wedding or a few weeks beforehand? The choice is yours!

  4. Set up a Hen Account

    Open up a new account at the bank for and share details with all the attendees so that when deposits need to be paid, everyone can quickly pay in. No need for hassling with Paypal transfer fees!

  5. Find a Theme

    Every great hen party has a theme. Choose it and choose it wisely and be sure to match your decor.


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