Tips for an Unforgettable Celebration

Big celebrations don’t come along every day; follow our tips to throw an unforgettable celebration. Whether you’re planning an engagement or anniversary party, celebrating a corporate milestone or throwing a party for a landmark birthday, you’ll have all the bases covered by following these five easy tips!


Discover 5 tips for throwing an unforgettable celebration with

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Plan an Unforgettable Celebration with these 5 Tips

  1. Secure A-List Entertainment

    Entertainment is a great idea for ensuring your guests don’t sit around twiddling their thumbs while providing you with relief if you’re thrilled with being the centre of attention. The possibilities are endless–choose from bands or magicians or even a personal chef like our mate Mark Heirs.

  2. Scout Scenic Surroundings

    Choose a location that will suit the type of celebration you want to throw; you’ll find party houses at the beach or the countryside and everywhere in between.

  3. Opt for All-Inclusive Extras

    Would you like a pool or a hot tub with your party house? Don’t forget those all-inclusive extras!

  4. Ensure There’s Space for Everyone

    Count your guest list and make sure there will be enough beds for everyone. And don’t forget space for the kids and any pets, too.

  5. Choose Chic & Affordable

    From chic and affordable to comfy and no frills, choose a party house that reflects your budget.


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